Electron microscopes

The facility is integrated into the Centre of Electron Microscopy, which houses a range of transmission and scanning electron microscopes for many different applications. The details of the microscopes can be found here.


The facility has 4 ultramicrotomes, 2 of which are equipped for cryo sectioning. Two of these machines are also equipped with digital cameras to help new users watch the sectioning process.

Embedding machines

The facility has the Leica AFS2 low temperature embedding machine, equipped with the FSP automated changer. Researchers needing samples embedded with this device need to call Stéphanie Rosset for details.

Light microscopes

The facility has a number of different light microscopes, both fluorescent and non-fluorescent, for imaging samples. For detailed morphometric analysis of labelled structures there is also a microscope with computer controlled stage and Neurolucida workstation. Please contact Graham Knott for further details.

Other microtomes

 The facility houses a number of microtomes for preparing biological samples. This includes cryostats, rotary microtomes, cryotomes, and vibratomes.