Titan Themis Inauguration

Programme for Inauguration, 1st and 2nd October 2015

The programme for the Titan Themis inauguration is detailed below. Attendance of the ceremony is free of charge, but for organisational reasons we kindly ask you to register by sending an email to: Valérie Bürki.


Thursday 1st October

Room: BC 420, EPFL

13h30: Registration

14h00: Welcome address, Andreas Mortensen (EFPL)

14h10: Cécile Hébert (CIME, EPFL)
“Titan Themis @ CIME, EPFL.”

14h40: Marc Peeters (VP Sales and Business Development, FEI)
“Trends in Electron Microscopy, a manufacturers view.”

15h00: Rolf Erni (EMPA)
“Status quo and challenges of atomic-resolution electron microscopy in materials science.”

15h40: Quentin Ramasse (SuperSTEM)
“Exploring the chemistry of new materials with single atom sensitivity in the scanning transmission electron microscope.”

16h20: Jo Verbeeck (University of Antwerp)
“Construction of a programmable electron vortex phase plate.”

17h00: Cocktail aperitif (room BC 430 or on the terrace)


Friday 2nd October

08h30: Coffee and croissants, BC Cafeteria

Room: BC 420, EPFL

09h00: Cécile Hébert and Marco Cantoni (CIME, EPFL)
“CIME news.”

09h30: Rafal Dunin-Borkowsky (Ernst Ruska-Centre, Jülich):
“Progress in imaging nanofields in the transmission electron microscope.”

10h15: Thierry Epicier (National Institute for Applied Sciences, Lyon)
“Catalytic reactions as followed down to the atomic scale in Environmental TEM.”

10h45: Werner Grogger (Graz University of Technology)
“Quantitative Nanoanalysis on a probe corrected (S)TEM.”

11h15: Sorin Lazar (FEI)
“Cool, exciting applications on the Titan/Themis microscopes.”

11h45-13h45: Buffet lunch and tours in CIME

13h45: Christian Ricolleau (Paris Diderot)
“Exploring thermodynamic properties of the nanoworld using aberration corrected electron microscopy.”

14h15: Vaso Tileli (Imperial College, London)
“Combining aberration corrected microscopy and DFT calculations to probe active surface sites in perovskite catalysts.”

14h45: Duncan Alexander (CIME, EPFL)
“Mapping optical excitations at the nanoscale using monochromated STEM-EELS.”

15h15: End of inauguration ceremony